Qatar richest country in the world - Kuwait ranked seventh

  • 2 years   ago
Qatar richest country in the world - Kuwait ranked seventh

A newr US report demonstrates that Qatar is the richest nation on the planet, as per a report discharged by the American financial research firm, reports Annahar daily. 

A similar report demonstrated Qatar is positioned first on the planet, however on the GCC level Kuwait takes second position after Qatar. The report said the explanation behind this was because of the solid money related position of Kuwait and the ascent of financial pointers and the ownership of around 8 percent of the demonstrated stores of world oil. 

The report called attention to that the Qatari per capita GDP is around 135 thousand dollars, and as per the report the Kuwaiti is around 70 thousand dollars every year. The report said that the pointers of the Qatari economy step by step recaptured its equalization and recorded a superior improvement as per official figures of the state and worldwide monetary foundations. 


The report brought up that the Gulf nations possess propelled levels because of the money related changes did by those nations so as to accomplish positive development, and indicated the decrease of the UAE and Saudi Arabia on the planet positioning by 3.5 and 5 percent, separately, where the offer of the UAE national 67 thousand dollars and the Saudi 57 thousand.