Qatar Reels Under Hot Sun, temperature touches 49°C

  • 4 months   ago
Qatar Reels Under Hot Sun, temperature touches 49°C

Mesaimeer and Sheehaniya recorded a maximum temperature of 49C Friday as hot conditions continued around the country, according to weather charts. Following closely behind were Mukaynis, Karana, Turayna, Jumayliyah and Ghuwairiyah at 48C, and Doha (airport area) and the Qatar University area at 47C.

In its forecast for Saturday, the Qatar Met department says hot daytime conditions are expected along with slight dust and some clouds at times. It will be relatively humid in some places by night. Relatively humid weather was experienced last night, according to the weather office. The humidity level exceeded 60% in some areas with light easterly winds, it tweeted.


A maximum temperature of 47C is expected Saturday in Al Khor, followed by 43C in Doha and 42C in Wakra, Mesaieed and Abu Samra.

The forecast for offshore areas says misty conditions are likely in some places at first Saturday along with clouds.

The Met department has advised people to follow precautions in the prevailing hot conditions, such as avoiding direct exposure to sunlight, drinking plenty of fluids and wearing lightweight and light-coloured clothing. Also, outdoor workers should take rest breaks in a shaded area.

HMC swimming advisory for parents and children

With Covid-19 restrictions being gradually lifted and people heading to beaches for a dip to beat the summer heat, Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has issued an advisory on how to stay safe while going for a swim. Besides visits to beaches, HMC's 'Safety tips and advice for parents and kids' also apply to swimming in pools.

In its advisory, which is available on social media, HMC says people should check the weather before going to beaches to avoid strong winds and high waves that may pose a danger. Safety instructions should be followed while swimming at beaches or in a pool, the advisory states. "Always watch children closely while swimming and make sure they swim only in designated areas," it continues, adding that children must be taught how to swim in swimming training centres.

Safety requirements during  Sea trips

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has reiterated that "adherence to safety requirements during sea trips protects one from risks and ensures an enjoyable time for sea goers". "We recommend that you check the weather condition before heading to the sea," says the MoI advisory on social media. According to a recent decision of the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management, families are allowed to rent boats and yachts in groups not exceeding 10 people in this phase of the lifting of restrictions. Accordingly, the MoI had reminded people of the importance of adhering to safety guidelines for marine activities as well as the preventive and precautionary measures in place to curb the spread of Covid-19.

HMC also reminds people to wear a life jacket while swimming or other safety equipment. Further, the advisory stresses the need for people to learn how to perform the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) technique in order to save others. Beaches around the country were reopened on July 1 as part of Phase 2 of the gradual lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.

While announcing the reopening of public beaches, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment had stressed the importance of complying with precautionary and preventive measures to ensure the safety of all. Among other measures, the public was advised to maintain social distancing, use life jackets while swimming and not to allow children to use equipment in play areas, besides keeping the beaches clean during their visits.