Qatar court sentences two expatriates to 10 years in jail and hefty fine for enslaving and exploiting domestic workers

  • 3 days   ago
Qatar court sentences two expatriates to 10 years in jail and hefty fine for enslaving and exploiting domestic workers

Two Pakistani nationals in Qatar have been sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined QR200,000 for enslaving and exploiting two domestic workers. The convicts, who will be deported upon the completion of their sentences, are obligated to jointly pay each victim QR1 million as compensation.

The National Committee for Combatting Human Trafficking praised the issuance of the ruling of First Instance Court of the Supreme Judiciary Council against two defendants who hold Pakistani citizenship in a case related to human trafficking, in a judgment considered as a victory for justice, as the court convicted the defendants for having committed the crime against two home workers stipulated in Combating Trafficking in Human Beings Law No. 15 of 2011.

This crime consisted of forcibly exploiting the victims for service, practicing slavery and servitude against them, detaining the victim and depriving them of their freedom, harnessing and forcing them to work without pay, and assaulting the integrity of the victim's body.

During the past year, the National Committee for Combating Human Trafficking received a report related to persons committing acts related to human trafficking crimes by exploiting employees and exposing them to various forms of torture and ill-treatment.

As soon as the Qatari authorities received this report, the concerned authorities, represented by the police, the Public Prosecution, and the National Committee for Combating Human Trafficking, began their investigations.

The victims were accommodated in the Protection and Social Rehabilitation Center (AMAN) after they received the necessary health care.

The National Committee for Combating Human Trafficking and the security authorities in the State of Qatar conducted their investigations into the case, and it has drawn up many reasons for this, including the forensic medical certificate, as well as the inference of the statements of witnesses and statements of the victims.


After completing the investigations and collecting all evidence, the National Committee for Combating Human Trafficking appointed a lawyer for the victims, while the case proceeded with the Qatari courts.

The Criminal Court of the Court of First Instance ruled to imprison the two defendants for a period of ten years, and to fine each of them an amount of QR 200,000 for the accusations they were charged with and to deport them from the country after the completion of the sentence.

The court's decision also stipulated that the defendants were obligated jointly to pay each victim an amount of QR 1million as compensation.

Minister of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs HE Yousuf bin Mohammed Al Othman Fakhroo and Chairman of the National Committee for Combating Human Trafficking welcomed the courts ruling and hoped that this ruling will act as a deterrent to any human traffickers who believe that they can evade the rule of law in Qatar.

His Excellency added that the State of Qatar is an active member of the international community in combating human trafficking and imposes strict penalties on those found guilty of violating human trafficking laws and does not tolerate any violations or infringement of human rights. His Excellency pointed out that the committee affirms that all measures have been taken to provide the necessary care and protection to the victims before, during and after investigation.