Qatar Coronavirus Hotlines

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Confused on what numbers to contact when you feel the need to report a violation or non-compliance on coronavirus preventive measures in Qatar? Are you feeling some symptoms of the virus and you need immediate help?



Here are the numbers to dial:

Ministry of Public Health (MoPH)

Hotline: 16000

  • A dedicated call centre to answer all questions and enquiries related to the novel coronavirus (Covid-19)
  • Healthcare professionals and the general public can contact the toll-free hotline in case of any queries related to the virus
  • Available in Arabic and English
  • Open 24/7
  • If you suspect you are ill and have flu-like symptoms, please stay home and call the hotline to get assistance

Ministry of Interior (MoI)

Hotline: 44579999


Contact the above number if you witness violations on social gathering ban in Qatar in the form of:

  • Social functions at home
  • Majlis
  • Mourning
  • Corniche
  • Courtyards of Mosques
  • Social gathering
  • Beaches
  • Public parks
  • Vehicles (not included in the decision if the travel is for necessary purpose).

Other violations or concerns to be reported to MoI include:

  • Precautionary measures set in retail outlets and delivery companies

Other Emergency Hotlines include:


Hotline: 999


Hotline: 911



Hotline: 4489 0666