Qatar company plans to make electric cars

  • 2 years   ago
Qatar company plans to make electric cars

Qatar-based Company is intending to produce and market electric autos of various sizes and limits ,using technologies from a Japanese partner.

Qatar Quality Trading managing director Musa Ramadan told "We will make a formal announcement of our project on September 19 in Doha,"  reported Gulf Times.



The Japanese company's (ARM) chairman Takayuki Hirayama is to make an introduction of the task on the occasion.

Ramadan says once their plan is announced, they would continue to anchor essential freedom from concerned offices to create condition inviting cars.

"If everything goes well, we may be able to start its commercial production in about a year from now, from a plant to be set up somewhere on the outskirts of New Industrial Area," clarified Ramadan.

Already there are some electric powered vehicles operating on the country's roads, including some Mowasalat public transport buses. Charging points have also been set up in different parts of the country, including Kaharmaa Awareness Park. 

"However, this would be the first time that such vehicles are manufactured in Qatar," said Ramadan while sharing that his organization completed an advertising study on electric autos and the reaction was strikingly great. 

The nation's people are becoming increasingly aware of the need of having greater environment-friendly vehicles, the business person included.