Qatar CID arrests Arab man 'specialised' in stealing valuables from cars

  • 6 months   ago
Qatar CID arrests Arab man 'specialised' in stealing valuables from cars

The Criminal Investigation Department arrested a man accused of multiple thefts from cars in different parts of the country.

Following reports of items being stolen from cars, a specialized team was formed, who conducted the search and investigation and found the accused. 

After interrogation, with the necessary legal permissions, the man, of an Arab nationality, confessed that he was carrying out thefts in residential areas, targeting cars, specifically those not closed or locked properly. Stolen items were found in his possession and were seized. The case is now referred to the authorities for further action.


The competent authorities at the Ministry of Interior called on people to take the necessary preventive measures to secure vehicles and the items inside from theft by following safety guidelines.

Ministry also reminded people to lock their vehicles properly, not to leave the belongings in a visible manner inside the car and to avoid parking vehicles in isolated areas, urging everyone to report any suspected cases on helpline 999.