Qatar Charity to deliver foodstuff to 4,000 coronavirus-hit families in Qatar

  • 4 weeks   ago

In an effort to address societal food needs, Qatar Charity (QC), in cooperation with the Qatar Meat Production and Seara, has delivered the foodstuff to 186 Families affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic within Qatar.

The distribution of the assistance comes as part of Qatar Charity’s food initiative targeting 4,000 beneficiary families within the country, and falls within its keenness to ease the sorrow of those facing a challenging living condition due to the pandemic.  

Jassem Al-Emadi, director of the Local Development Department at Qatar Charity, said, “In a continuous effort to fight the coronavirus, Qatar Charity has started to distribute basic food items to the affected families, which are sufficient for such a family for two weeks, noting that Qatar Charity still receives requests for assistance through its website and customer service center.”

He added that Qatar Charity has prominently contributed to curbing the outbreak of COVID-19 within the framework of the awareness and preventive campaign, by distributing health bags, awareness materials, and food parcels to workers, volunteers, and others across the country.




It is worth mentioning that 671,243 persons have benefited from the meals and food baskets distributed by Qatar Charity during the period from March 18 to May 23, while all beneficiaries of all aid are 732,952 persons. Some 560,000 ready-to-eat meals were provided during the crisis.

Qatar Charity has already delivered 111,000 food baskets to Families with low income affected by the Coronavirus, in addition to families from expatriate communities in cooperation with 20 embassies. Qatar Charity’s ‘Philanthropic Kitchen’ provided more than 11,000 ready-to-eat meals to workers.

Qatar Charity also supported the initiative that loosely translates to ‘You deserve the reward’ launched by some Qatar youths, in cooperation with Qatar Charity. The initiative started distributing nearly 300 meals daily and the number increased until it reached 800 meals per day.

Some 13,262 food parcels from Qatar Charity have benefited nearly 53,048 people from various Asian, Arab and African communities residing in Qatar.

Source: Qatar Charity