Qatar Charity provides water for 150,000 people in Sudan

  • 2 years   ago
Qatar Charity provides water for 150,000 people in Sudan

Qatar Charity (QC) drilled fifty artesian wells throughout 3 months in South Darfur State that provided water for 150,000 individuals in Sudan. 

Through its drilling unit, that is one of the booming projects since its beginning in 2016, Qatar Charity aims to contribute to the accomplishment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) within the field of water and sanitation by providing clean and safe water, particularly in states like North Kordofan and South Darfur that suffer from the deficiency of water. 


Qatar Charity’s drill unit drilled 88 artesian wells within the North Kordofan State throughout 2018. Some sixty eight wells were drilled in several localities of the South Darfur State, fifty of that were funded by the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) as a part of the water projects in South Darfur. Also, some twenty wells were dug within the North Kordofan State. 

Many wells evolved into integrated solar-powered water plants. the amount of beneficiaries of the project reached one hundred fifty,000 individuals in villages and academic complexes.

The South Darfur State’s humanitarian commissioner, Jamal Youssef Idriss praised Qatar Charity’s efforts in evoke peace and reconstruction within the Darfur region through the implementation of development and humanitarian comes that contributed to the event of the state and therefore the stability of its citizens.

The beneficiaries expressed their pleasure at the achievements created by Qatar Charity through its drilling unit that contributed to delivery a few amendment in their lives by digging wells for them. 

They additionally praised the efforts of the benefactors in Qatar for providing help to the individuals of Sudan, thanking Qatar Charity for its outstanding role and achievements within the states of Darfur, wherever it's remained the foremost distinguished supporter of development and humanitarian comes in region.

In 2014, Qatar Charity singed a contract with a German company to import a number of the world’s latest drilling rigs to dig artesian wells in African country, Niger, Burkina Faso and Sudan so as to contribute to finding the water issues in these countries, providing training to the cadres operating in Qatar Charity’s drilling units.