Qatar charity provides subsequent relief aid to White Nile flooding victims

  • 4 days   ago
Qatar charity
The government of Sudan has applauded the expeditious response by the Qatar Charity (QC) in delivering relief aid to those victims affected by the recent flooding of the White Nile State. In response to QC’s assistance in providing the timely help, the Sudanese Humanitarian Aid Commission said that QC was at the lead in carrying out the relief and aiding dozens of families who were severely affected by the floods resulting in a complete destruction of their homes.
Humanitarian Aid Commissioner in White Nile State, Mansour Ali said, “We highly appreciate the quick response from Qatar Charity to shelter the affected in the state.” He also noted that QC is a strategic partner and anticipates to more joint work in the future.
The affected Sudanese citizens were delighted and overjoyed by the selfless deeds by QC and mentioned their gratitude for its humanitarian efforts. One of the affected victims by the White Nile State floods, Mr. Abdullah Abdul Qadir Muhammad Bakhit stated that the people in his residence and nearby areas were given comfortable and proper tents and blankets and were brought out of this distraught incident.
The local authorities and relevant officials were contacted by Qatar Charity upon hearing this horrendous occurrence of dozens who lost their homes and to give away adequate relief to the affected group of people which resulted in providing shelter to 58 families from different areas. 
The framework of this humanitarian aid was arranged in accordance with those who struggled during the floods in Sudan, as part of its humanitarian responsibility towards the vulnerable and those who were in desperate need of shelter, food and water. 
Over the past few months, QC has given relief aids to more than 27,000 people affected by the recent floods that devastated the parts of Sudan. An enormous response was received by Qatar Charity for their launch on the ‘Peace for Sudan’ campaign by the Qatari citizens and residents which lessened the sufferings of the beneficiary by supplying ample amount of food and shelter and also for working on rebuilding the damaged areas due to floods that affected Sudan.