Qatar Charity provides school uniforms for ‘Future’s Leaders’

  • 4 months   ago

Qatar Charity (QC), in cooperation with the Q Uniform Factory, provided school uniforms for the female members of the ‘Future’s Leaders’ and the students from families with limited income in the country, benefiting 200 students.

The distribution of the uniforms, which comes as part of Qatar Charity’s ‘Teach Me’ campaign, took place through coupons given to the families registered with Qatar Charity.

Through this project, Qatar Charity aims to reduce the burdens on the families of the “Future’s Leaders” and the parents from low-income families, and encourage students to continue their outstanding academic performance.

Qatar Charity is keen to partner with the numerous bodies in the country to implement various humanitarian projects within the framework of social responsibility, aiming to contribute to achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030, especially in the field of education and culture.

Mr. Alaa Al-Abadi General Manager of the Q Uniform Factory said, "This support comes within the framework of an initiative launched by the factory in cooperation with Qatar Charity to provide school uniforms free of charge to government school students belonging to families with limited income, as the factory management believes in social responsibility.”

He was delighted with the cooperation that makes it easier for the factory management to carry out community service. He also applauded Qatar Charity for its tremendous support for students, noting the continuation of cooperation in the future.


The mothers of the students expressed their pleasure with school uniforms provided for their daughters in the time of the coronavirus pandemic that has badly affected many families, thanking Qatar Charity and the Q Uniform Factory management for this kind gesture that had a good impact on their daughters.

Qatar Charity, through the "Future’s Leaders” program, pays close attention to orphans in the fields of education, health and entertainment, according to the highest standards, as part of the inclusive care provided for those sponsored by Qatar Charity.

Source: Qatar Charity