Qatar Charity provides medical aid to fire-affected Syrians in Lebanon

  • 3 months   ago

The relief team of Qatar Charity (QC) has embarked on delivering urgent support to Syrian refugee families affected by the large fire that had broken out in the refugee camp in the north Lebanon Miniyeh region.

Qatar Charity, in cooperation with the Islamic Medical Association, operated a mobile medical clinic equipped with an ambulance and a specialized medical team in the affected refugee camp. The urgent intervention also included medical examinations and the necessary medicines.

As many refugees were affected by this humanitarian catastrophe, Charity is working to provide urgent aid to the vulnerable to alleviate their suffering.  

This is one of the dozens of the refugee camps across the country where the fire tore through the tented shelters of some 75 families, leaving only a charred wasteland.


Lebanon hosts some 1.5 million Syrian refugees, most of whom live in difficult humanitarian conditions. The coronavirus, and then the catastrophic explosion multiplied the suffering of these homeless people.

Source: Qatar Charity