Qatar Charity marks International Human Solidarity Day

  • 4 months   ago

Today, Qatar Charity joins hands with the world to mark the International Human Solidarity Day (IHSD), which is observed on December 20 every year. The IHSD is an international annual occasion to raise public awareness of the importance of solidarity and encourage new initiatives for poverty eradication.

Qatar Charity is among the leading international organizations that work to promote and strengthen international solidarity among peoples, especially in times of adversity. It is keen to extend humanitarian support to those in need across the globe.

Warmth and Peace

As a gesture of social solidarity with the vulnerable, Qatar Charity launches a winter campaign every year to contribute to easing the sorrow of the displaced and refugees around the world. The current "Warmth and Peace" winter campaign aims to reach nearly 1mn persons in 19 countries across Africa, Asia, and Europe at a total cost of approximately 66 million Qatari riyals.

The campaign focuses on the countries going through crises and exceptional circumstances, as well as on those facing a harsh winter with temperatures below zero.  It seeks to provide aid in the fields of food, shelter, health, and education, in addition to giving winter bags to orphans sponsored by Qatar Charity in Kosovo, Palestine, Nepal, Pakistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Tunisia, Lebanon and Jordan.

Fighting Coronavirus

Qatar Charity was chosen as one of Qatar’s top 10 most supportive brands that have participated in supporting the country during the current coronavirus (COVID19-) pandemic, based on phone interviews conducted by Ipsos.

Qatar Charity has provided $24mn health assistance to nearly 60 countries around the world to help them fight the coronavirus.

Since the beginning of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Qatar Charity has been keen to contribute to the international efforts exerted to limit the spread of the pandemic. In cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Qatar Charity has provided $ 1.5 million emergency assistance to Syrian refugees throughout Lebanon.

Syrian Refugees

Qatar Charity established 14 community-based isolation units in northern Syria, in cooperation with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) to benefit 2,800 people at a total cost of US$1.6 million.

Qatar Charity and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) have signed two grant agreements for a total of $2 million to provide water, sanitation and hygiene services for Syrian refugees in Jordan.

Sudan Flood

As part of the “Peace for Sudan” campaign, the field teams of Qatar Charity, with funding and cooperation from the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD), distributed urgent food and shelter aid to those affected by the worst flood that hit Sudan in a century.

The aid provided by Qatar Charity received praise from the people and the officials.  The “Peace for Sudan” campaign raised a total of 89 million Qatari riyals, under the supervision of the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities (RACA), and in partnership with Qatar Charity and the Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS).


Lebanon in Our Hearts

Qatar Charity provided relief aid to those affected by the massive explosion that has rocked the port area of Lebanon's capital, Beirut. The emergency assistance comes as part of the 'Lebanon in Our Hearts' drive, aimed at extending helping hands to the affected in Lebanon in the time of adversity.

Total donations made during the "Lebanon in Our Hearts" campaign amounted to more than 94 million Qatari riyals. Three planes carrying relief aid were sent as part of the campaign, in partnership with Qatar Charity and Qatar Airways.

Source: Qatar Charity