Qatar Charity joins panel discussion on building health capacity in developing countries

  • 2 weeks   ago

Qatar Charity (QC) takes part in the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH), a global health initiative of the Qatar Foundation, through the panel discussion "The pathway to localization: The importance of building health capacity in developing countries",  and the "Innovators of Tomorrow" initiative, in addition to the pavilion in the virtual exhibition held on the sidelines of the conference.

Four senior experts from leading organizations participated in the interactive dialogue. The main objective of the dialogue was to strengthen action towards localization and to inform on the urgent need to recognize and support local communities in being the decision-makers and the leaders of solutions impacting their healthcare systems. 

The discussion also aimed to keep abreast of current good practices and innovative approaches in the field, while identifying common challenges and opportunities to link national healthcare strategies with broader global localization frameworks.

During the panel discussion, Ishrat Ullah, Head of Relief, Qatar Charity, said that Qatar Charity has provided $24mn health assistance to nearly 60 countries around the world to help them fight the coronavirus. He also underlined the importance of social awareness and community education, indicating that the conscious community will ask the local government to strengthen the health system and provide efficient health services.

He added that Qatar Charity’s teams working in developing countries face some challenges in the health field, adding that Qatar Charity focuses on building the capacities of the local community and strengthening the local health system, so that the local community members can respond first in case of emergencies and disasters.

The Qatari assistance received a commendation from some participant, as Dr, Robert Walters, Chairman, Orbis, said that the huge assistance the organization receives from the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) and Qatar Charity makes it easier for it to carry out its tasks.

Bashayer AlAli, International programs director, QFFD, spoke about building resilience, identifying the gap and meeting local needs, noting that QFFD focuses on the local community, achieving sustainable development and finding local solutions for local needs.

Mohamed Amad, Chairperson, Humanitarian Network Pakistan, spoke about the national plan to strengthen the health system and engage the local community and the private sector in this regard. He also noted that they work in the most vulnerable areas in order to support the health system and educate the local community about the importance of hygiene, health and nutrition.

Qatar Charity's pavilion in the virtual exhibition held on the sidelines of the conference exhibits its experiences and projects in the field of health, and provides information about its areas of work. The pavilion also sheds light on Qatar Charity’s partnerships with UN and international organizations, and its efforts aimed at preventing the coronavirus.



Qatar Charity established a partnership and cooperation with the WISH conference and the organizational partner. Accordingly, the "Innovators of Tomorrow" initiative was launched in coordination with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The workshops were organized for the students of four schools as part of the initiative to inform them of what countries, institutions and civil society organizations do in the field of health. A special pavilion has also been set up for students in the virtual exhibition of the WISH conference to display their production and creativity.

Source: Qatar Charity