Qatar Charity fights blindness in Nigeria

  • 3 months   ago

Qatar Charity has implemented three campaigns to reduce blindness in Nigeria in coordination with the local government and the Ministry of Health.

Qatar Charity work to cover all the needs of the beneficiaries of medical care, including examinations, surgeries, medicines, and eyeglasses, based on its strategy to combat blindness 2018-2020 and the WHO plan.

In Scotu, Kano, and Yobe, the three camps witnessed a great turnout, with more than 3,425 patients examined, and 317 operations were performed.

In Scotu, 1209 patients were examined, and 107 surgeries were performed, while in Kano and Yobe states, 1216 people benefited in each of them, as many cases were examined. Urgent surgery was performed for many patients.

Doctors also gave educational lectures on preventing eye diseases and awareness of the Coronavirus, and ways to prevent it.

According to Qatar Charity strategy to combat blindness 2018-2022, and within its plan, during the next five years, it will provide medical services to eye patients in 14 selected countries, including Sudan, Niger, Burkina Faso, Somalia, Kenya, Tchad, and Ghana, as well as Bangladesh, Indonesia, Yemen, Pakistan, Turkey, Jordan.

Medical examination and dispensing of medicines to one million eye patients, 60,000 surgeries will be performed, in addition to training and qualification of 50 doctors in modern eye surgery methods, and the establishment of five centers and clinics specialized in eye diseases and surgery.


Qatar Charity has contributed with many partners to alleviate the causes of visual impairment that lead to blindness in many countries through various programs and activities such as implementing specialized medical camps for eye diseases in many countries, including Yemen, Sudan, and Niger.

Source: Qatar Charity