QATAR - Bill Gates of the countries

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QATAR - Bill Gates of the countries

Exquisite infrastructure, World's third largest natural gas and oil reserves, Highest per capita income...yes, you got it right. We are talking about Qatar, the richest country of the world.  

So what makes this country so interesting, Is it the fact it has the best airline services in the world or that 100 feet buffet Doha Marriott offers? Oh yes, a 100 feet buffet with everything, ranging from English food to Sushi and Indian. 

The Museum of Islamic Art with all it's enthralling artwork, Souq Waqif with all it's traditionalism, the Aspire Tower and other superstructures are sure to give you a Cloud-9 feeling. And how can we forget, the giant Lamp bear at the Hamad International Airport will undoubtedly awaken the kid in you.

But Qatar is not as perfect as it seems to be. Male to female ratio for instance is quite high i.e. 2 males per 1 female. Qatar generates the highest amount of CO2 in the world and the obesity rate is markedly high.

Qatar, being away from all natural calamities and disasters, is the safest country of the world. And yeah, because of it's riches, it deserves to be called "The Bill Gates of the countries"