Qatar Airways to offer biweekly flights from Phuket to Doha

  • 2 months   ago
Qatar Airways
Things are starting to take off at the Phuket International Airport. Qatar Airways will resume bi-weekly flights from Phuket to Doha starting on December 4. The move is a major step forward after a halt of international travel to the island due to Covid-19 lockdown measures.
Last week, an empty Emirates Airlines flight landed in Phuket. Although it wasn’t carrying any passengers, it was the first international flight to land in Phuket since the lockdown.
Flights by Qatar Airways include QR978 which departs Doha at 2:45am and arrives in Phuket at 1:20pm, and QR841 which departs Phuket at 2:10am and arrives in Doha at 5:40am. In Bangkok, Qatar operates 14 weekly flights to Doha. If approved by the Thai government, Qatar will offer 7 flights to Phuket per week starting on December 10.
In a news release from Qatar Airways, vice president of sales for Southeast Asia, Jared Lee, says the airline is safe and abides by reliable Covid-19 prevention measures.
“Qatar Airways has proven itself to be a responsible and trusted airline during this crisis with excellent hygiene measures where onboard COVID-19 infection rate is at a negligible 0.012%. Thus, making Qatar Airways a very safe and reliable airline. As global entry restrictions ease, we look forward to reinstating more routes as we aim to operate to over 120 destinations by year-end to better connect Thai passengers to the rest of the world.”

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