PSA trains researchers involved in Qatar Census 2020

  • 2 months   ago
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Doha:  The Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA) has launched the main training program for field researchers as part of preparations for the first phase of the Qatar Population, Housing and Establishments Census 2020 (Data Completion Phase), which begins on November 10 and will continue for one month.

The five-day training program aims to train researchers on the field work of the census in its first phase, under the supervision of a number of specialists and experts in the field of statistics and field research at the Planning and Statistics Authority, which ensures the effectiveness and accuracy of the census process in all its research and technological aspects.

The course includes theoretical lectures and practical lessons in the basics of field work, as well as the technology used in the census process, in addition to the definition of the duties of field researchers by job, and the field of interview art, with the statement of administrative division and the use of maps and mechanisms of work and data collection, and controls the use of adequate electronic device.