Phased opening of theme parks raises public confidence of a safe environment

  • 1 month ago
Phased opening of theme parks raises public confidence of a safe environment
All mandatory precautionary measures have to be strictly followed by staff working in and people visiting the leisure and theme parks.
The Qatar government’s timely and phased approach in reopening theme parks and other recreational activities in the country has further raised the general public’s level of confidence of living in a safe environment, according to local media reports.
Some Doha Festival City (DHFC) owned and operated by Leisure, (a 100% Qatari company), theme parks like Angry Birds World, Virtuocity and SnowDunes which were reopened recently have buoyed hopes of those on the lookout for  fun-filled family entertainment.
Leisure has also added new attractions to its parks such as the Vcube, VMajlis, and Party Zone at Virtuocity,  Castle Climbing, Snow Spin, and Snow Ring at SnowDunes.
Reports further confirmed that people across all media platforms have been inquiring over the past few months regarding the re-opening of the leisure and theme parks.
Leisure’s Head of Marketing Miral Mourad told local media that Leisure partners with top globally recognised brands have always strived to meet its vision of providing world class experiences which coincides with Qatar National Vision 2030. Once the opening was announced our fans were very eager to be the first in our parks. We really appreciate the continued support that we received from our fans, DHFC, and the Qatar government that never stopped even during the shutdown.” 
Furthermore, the stringent protocols set by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has lead to a significant decrease in Covid-19 cases, leading to gradual lifting of restrictions while maintaining all the safety measures required.
The introduction of the on-going Covid vaccination campaign has greatly increased the confidence level of the general public, despite the challenges brought about by the outbreak.
Despite the re-opening, all theme parks are strictly adhering to the most stringent Covid-19 safety measures to laid down for all staff working there, along with thorough training that  will help ensure that all pandemic preventive measures by MoPH are followed strictly.
Furthermore, all rides, attractions and infrastructure of theme parks are being continuously sanitised and hand sanitising stations have been installed throughout the parks’ areas at focal points to ensure the safety of all concerned.
The Covid-19 precautionary measures have also to be strictly followed by visitors to the leisure and theme parks and these include:
Mandatory Ehteraz app checks at the entrance to theme parks for all visitors except children, only green code holders will be allowed to enter.
Temperature checks to be carried out at the entrance to the parks, and any individual with temperature exceeding 38C will be denied entry to the site.
Wearing medical masks is mandatory and visitors will have to maintain a safe distance of two metres minimum.
Finally, all theme parks employees have been instructed to oversee that all pandemic preventive measures are strictly adhered to by staff and visitors alike.
These measures are supported by signs installed across the parks reminding visitors about social distancing and PPR wearing requirements.