Orphans in Gaza and Kyrgyzstan receive Eid clothes from Qatar Charity

  • 2 months   ago

Qatar Charity (QC) has distributed clothes to over 400 orphans in Gaza and Kyrgyzstan on Eid al Fitr.

In Kyrgyzstan, 80 orphans sponsored by Qatar Charity received Eid clothes through its office in Bishkek, while these clothes were distributed to 333 orphans in Gaza, with the support of benefactors in Qatar.




Qatar Charity, with the support of benefactors in Qatar, aims to provide Eid clothes to 3,355 orphans in 25 countries worldwide.

It is worth mentioning that Qatar Charity has earlier distributed Eid clothing to orphans in Indonesia, benefiting 160 children in Jakarta, Depok, and West Java.

Source: Qatar Charity