Officials say the number of exceptional students in Qatar is rising

  • 1 month ago

The senior officials at the Ministry of Education and Higher have said that the number of outstanding students is increasing thanks to the State’s efforts to ensure quality education in the country. 

“The number of outstanding students is increasing year-by-year which indicates that the efforts of schools and strategies of the Ministry bearing fruits,” said Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Affairs at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Fawzia Al Khater.

Speaking to The Peninsula at the honouring ceremony of 14th Education Excellence Award at Sheraton Hotel yesterday, Al Khater said that the Ministry shouldered the responsibility to help students achieve excellence in many ways.

“The students from Qatar participated in a number of research works and contests held at the national and international levels in which they secured higher ranks. The excellence is not only focused on curriculum but it covers many other aspects including students personalities, educational levels even their way of thinking and participation in extra curricular activities," said Al Khater.

Speaking about the measures taken by the Ministry to curb the spread of COVID-19 during the examinations, Al Khater said that the Ministry in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health implemented all measures and protocols strictly to protect the children, teachers and school staff. About COVID-19 vaccination to teachers and school staff, Al Khater said that growing number of affiliates from the schools are taking the vaccination. She further said that the Ministry is now working for upgrading the educational platforms by adding new programmes with the help of best companies in this field.


Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Higher Education Affairs at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Dr. Khalid Abdullah Al Ali, said that Qatar gave top priority to quality education because it plays key role nation building.


He said that during past years, the excellent students occupied key positions in the country and they made great contribution in the development of Qatar. “The Award pushes outstanding students to play greater role in taking the country to new heights,” he added.

Speaking about the efforts to ensure quality education, Dr. Al Ali said that the National Qualifications Framework has been approved and now it has come into effect. 

“Law for Education Quality will see the light of the day soon,” said Dr. Al Ali. To a question about the scholarship plan of the Ministry for 2021-22, he said it will be unveiled within two or three weeks. “The list of scholarship has been updated with many new universities added to it,” said Dr. Al Ali.

Assistant Undersecretary for Evaluation Affairs at the Ministry, Khalid Abdullah Al Harqan, said that the Award will open new doors to the winners in their practical life enabling them to serve the country in a better way.

“The award will also encourage the classmates of winning students to achieve excellence,” said Al Harqan. He also appreciated the roles of parents and teachers for supporting children for making this great achievement. To a question about the ongoing examinations, Al Harqan said that there is no change in the examination schedule. 

“The questions have been prepared as per standards agreed between the Examination Control and Evaluation Sector. The timing for the paper has been extended from one and half hours to two hours giving more time to students solve the questions,” said Al Harqan.

Director of the Public Relations and Communication Department at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Omar Al Yafei, said that the Award has proved over the past years that the country has full of competent young minds who are ready to take their responsibilities.

He said that the award will achieve the vision and objectives of the wise leadership, in order to reach the building of a scientifically distinguished generation capable to compete in local and international levels. Al Yafei said that the excellence will push further the development of Qatar as the award reached already to many Qatari homes.