News Hour with Jennifer Rogers 10-08-2020

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News Hour with Jennifer Rogers 10-08-2020
IN todays live session Jennifer Rogers shared about How to register a limited liability (LLC or WLL) company in Qatar
A Limited Liability Company LLC or WLL is the most common and de-facto form of company some expats want to start Qatar. 

For all practical purposes, in an LLC type of company, the majority of the shares has to be owned by Qatari nationals, their minimum share should be 51% irrespective if it’s one Qatari shareholder owning 51%, or more than one. The majority shares has to be Qatari-owned. 

For a start, one needs to get the following three very essential documents, (in the following order)  for the company to be fully incorporated and perform all the necessary activities to run and grow the business in Qatar.

I. Commercial Registration (more commonly known as CR)

This is the first piece of document one needs and is issued by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) and generally quite easy to obtain.

The CR is a document that states that this is a legal entity with name (X) and owned by the shareholders mentioned therein.

The following steps are required to obtain a CR:

Step 1- Trade Name
One needs to get a trade name for the company.  The name suggested should not already have taken by some one else.

Step 2- Articles of Incorporation 
Once a trade name is registered, one needs to submit the Articles of Incorporation listing all the shareholders and their ownership stakes, their ownership, rights etc.

The Articles of Incorporation being a standard document. It is best to use the standard template available. In case you do want to make changes at a later date, this can be done by appointing a lawyer who will make the necessary amendments and submit it to the Ministry of Justice for approval.

Step 3 - Issue of CR 
Once the trade name and Articles of Incorporation are in place, they have to be submitted to the MEC for the CR to be issued.
II. Trade License

After receiving the CR, the next step is to obtain a Trade License. This is necessary to rent an office space that has to be approved by the MEC for conducting the mentioned business activity.

Obtaining a Trade License is usually the hardest part of this process and in some cases may take some time to get this done, so plan your time accordingly. 

The first step here is to fill out the requisite application form available from the MEC website, and submit it, along with the following documents:

ID copy of each authorized person/s in the business.
CR copy.
Copy of Articles of Incorporation.
A picture of the office building from the outside, showing the blue plate that has the building and street number information.
A picture of the office inside the building, showing a signage with the company name on the office door. (The MEC sends an official to inspect the place, so make sure all the necessary arrangements are in place).
The building completion certificate and an ID copy of the building owner.
Rental agreement, ownership instrument and Civil Defense approval (to ensure all HSSE requirements are arrangements are in place).
III. Computer Card

The Computer Card is needed to hire employees under the company sponsorship. While CR and Trade License are issued by the MEC, the Computer Card is issued by Ministry of Interior’s Immigration Department.

A Computer Card is basically a document that signifies who is the signing authority on behalf of the company. 

While it is mandatory for the Qatari partner in the company to be listed on the Computer Card, the non-Qatari member is not required to do so, but his name can be included.

To apply for your Computer Card, one needs an official company stamp to be used on all official paperwork while applying for the card.

The application for the Computer Card has to submitted with the Immigration and Passport Control Office.

The following documents are required:

The requisite application form duly filled with all the required details.
CR copy
Trade License copy.
ID copies of all shareholders in the company.
ID copies of individuals who need to be on the computer card.

She also informed us how Qatar Amir urges international community to provide urgent assistance and contributions to help Lebanon

The Amir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani participated in " the International Conference on Assistance and Support to Beirut and the Lebanese People", which was held in Paris, via video-conferencing, at the invitation of French President HE Emmanuel Macron, and Secretary-General of the United Nations HE Antonio Guterres, with the participation of a number of leaders of countries and governments and representatives of the participating countries.

Furthermore she informed us Qatar stadiums look amazing for 2022 World Cup: Jung Wooyoung
With two of the eight Qatar 2022 stadiums already opened, Jung has had the chance to play in both of them.
South Korean footballer Jung Wooyoung stated that 2022 World Cup stadiums in Qatar look in top shape. Jung started his professional experience overseas, playing for clubs in Japan and China PR from 2011 to 2018 before joining Al Sadd of Qatar, where he is in his second season.
Having spent two years in the country that will host the next edition of the global showpiece, he is already well adapted to life in the Gulf.
"I never thought I'd love life here," he told "Everyone is friendly and that has helped me adapt to this new lifestyle. In fact, I was delighted to find some Korean restaurants in Qatar. That said, I still share traditional Qatari meals with club-mates when we have our training camps. I love eating lamb," he said.
With two of the eight Qatar 2022 stadiums already opened, Jung has had the chance to play in both of them. "It's wonderful to drive by the stadiums. Right away you feel a desire to play in them. We had several games at the Khalifa International Stadium and Al Janoub Stadium in Al Wakrah. It's amazing. I can imagine how the players who will be coming to the World Cup in two years' time are going to feel. I hope I'll be in top form then so that I can keep my spot in the national team and take part in this big tournament."

Lastly she informed us how Lebanese Minister of Justice Marie-Claude Najm submits resignation
ustice Minister Marie-Claude Najm submitted her resignation on Monday in a third cabinet resignation over the deadly mega-blast that shattered the capital Beirut. Najm is the third Cabinet member to step down amid anger in the country following the blast that ripped across Beirut.

The blast killed 160 people and wounded 6,000, and left many Lebanese homeless.

People in Lebanon have blamed the explosion on negligence and mismanagement. Angry protests followed amid calls for government officials to resign.

Information Minister Manal Abdul Samad and Environment Minister Demianos Qattar stepped down earlier Sunday.

A number of lawmakers also resigned from the parliament.

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