News Hour with Jennifer Rogers 01-08-2020

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News Hour

In today’s News Hour Jennifer Rogers updated us with the following latest news of Qatar and all around the world.

She started by informing us Qatar Airways is committed to running a sustainable operation as it rebuilds its network this year following the downturn in passenger activity. Therefore, the Doha-based carrier is utilizing its full fleet of 30 Boeing 787 and 49 Airbus A350 while grounding its 10 Airbus A380 jets due to environmental and commercial reasons. The global health crisis has rocked the aviation industry, with worldwide travel restrictions changing the way that airlines operate. However, as Qatar Airways rebuilds this year, it is keen to maintain environmental standards. The company is the first airline in the Middle East and just the fifth worldwide to secure accreditation to the highest level in the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Environmental Assessment program. So, the grounding of the A380 naturally supports the carrier’s vision as its fleet of A350 aircraft consumed 20 tons of CO2 less per block hour on certain routes compared to the superjumbo.

Furthermore, she informed us Qatar Petroleum announces the diesel and gasoline prices for August 2020. The price list uploaded today on the QP website showed that premium grade petrol will cost QR1.20 per liter in August, which is 0.10 Riyal higher than the price in July and Super will be available for QR1.25 per liter, an increase of 0.05 Riyal as compared to last month. Diesel will cost 0.15 Riyal higher in August and is priced at QR1.25 per liter.

Adding on she informed us about the Six Steps to Apply for an Exceptional Entry Permit. It is a temporary service that is provided to residents of the State of Qatar who are unable to return to the country because of the restrictions imposed due to the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). This service allows employers, whether individuals or companies, government or private sector, to apply for an entry permit for residents and their family members holding QIDs to enable them to return to the State of Qatar.

Online Instruction Steps

• Create a new account on Qatar Portal or Log in to your existing account (if available).

• Click on “Apply for Exceptional Entry Permit”.

• Read terms and conditions and prepare all required attachments before starting the application.

• Enter the application page and fill in the required information correctly and completely as shown in passport.

• Enter your email correctly to receive approval on your application.

• Print permit and keep a copy of it and a copy of the quarantine undertaking to be presented to airport officials.

Terms and Conditions The Permit:

1. The employer may apply for an "exceptional entry permit" for Qatar residents.

2. An application for an entry permit can be submitted through the Qatar Portal website as of August 1, 2020.

3. The “exceptional entry permit” service is available for residents and family members.

4. The validity of the entry permit is one month from the date of its issuance. In the event of expiration, a new application can be submitted.

5. The holder of the permit must download the EHTERAZ application upon arrival.

6. In the event the resident is coming from a low-risk country, evidence of residence in that country for 72 hours or more must be attached to the application.

7. The competent authorities reserve the right to accept or reject the permit application following the conditions and requirements of issuing the permits.

8. The applicant must acknowledge that all data and information stated in the entry permit application are correct. If any discrepancy or misinformation is proved, legal liabilities for the same will apply, under the regulations and laws of the State of Qatar.

Also how Qatar Airways has promised to pump hundreds of millions of dollars into British Airways and Iberia as they fight to survive the coronavirus pandemic. International Airlines Group, which owns both European carriers, said Friday that it plans to raise as much as €2.75 billion ($3.3 billion) from shareholders, including Qatar's state-owned airline, to help weather the deepest crisis in aviation history. The company plans to use the money to pay down debt and increase the amount of cash it holds, as it prepares for several years of depressed demand. The aviation industry has been decimated by the pandemic and IAG does not expect global passenger demand to return to 2019 levels before at least 2023. British Airways has already announced plans to cut up to 12,000 jobs, more than a quarter of its workforce, and is retiring its entire fleet of Boeing 747s four years ahead of schedule.

Lastly, she informed us about the Ministry issued guidelines for home quarantine for those returning to Qatar According to the information in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health, HMC and Primary Health Care Corporation those doing home quarantine should stay at home in a room with ensuite bathroom separated from other family members and ensure proper and regular ventilation. They should also avoid any contact with other family members and should not allow visitors into the house as well as pets. According to HMC Communicable Disease Center Medical Director Dr. Muna Al Maslamani, those on home quarantine should use their phone if they need to contact anyone else in the house as well as pets. “Ask others - a family member or friend - to run errands for you like buying food or medicine,” she said. Besides, they must not leave their house and in the event of a medical emergency, they should call 999. “Only one member of the family should be allowed to provide care to you. Your caregiver should wear a facemask and gloves every time he or she enters your room and should dispose of the mask and gloves and wash their hands immediately after leaving the room. A distance of at least 1.5 meters shall be maintained between you and your caregiver at all times, “said Dr. Al Maslamani.

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