New health insurance system for all to be unveiled soon in Qatar: minister

  • 1 year ago
New health insurance system for all to be unveiled soon in Qatar: minister

The draft law on the new health insurance system will before long be exhibited to the Advisory Council, HE the Minister of Public Health Dr Hanan Mohamed al-Kuwari Monday said. 

A board of trustees made out of the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the State Audit Bureau are inspecting the delicate for the new health insurance, subsequent to examining the disadvantages of the past framework, the minister said. 

She likewise uncovered that work is being done to make it obligatory for guests to Qatar have medical coverage. This task is being actualized in co-activity with the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs. 

"It will add to diminishing the weight on wellbeing administrations given by the open area, especially the Emergency," she said. 

Conveying a location to the Advisory Council, the pastor focused on the wellbeing framework in Qatar is constantly centered around giving administrations that match global guidelines. 

She reported various activities that will add to facilitate improvement of the wellbeing framework. The ventures incorporate the development of various specific medical clinics, both in the general population and private segment, notwithstanding the formation of new administrations that will further improve the wellbeing framework, which is positioned fifth all inclusive. 

HE the Minister of Public Health focused on that the wellbeing part appreciates extraordinary help from His Highness the Amir Sheik Tamim receptacle Hamad al-Thani. 

During the consultation, the pastor examined the wellbeing division in Qatar and tentative arrangements to create it. She additionally talked about the new administrations that are set to be given, notwithstanding the endeavors made to expand limits in emergency clinics. 

Because of inquiries of individuals on the deferral of medicinal arrangements, she said that the quantity of patients who visited Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) a year ago was 1.7mn. She noticed that the expansion of specific administrations in essential social insurance units would help diminish the heap on Hamad, which will thus prompt less holding up times. The pastor additionally noticed the way that a large number of HMC's administrations have turned out to be quicker, for example, childcare administrations, which would now be able to be benefited in multi week's notice, down from a while. 

Over the span of the most recent three months, the priest said that the quantity of beds in emergency clinics has expanded by 200. That is notwithstanding the 1,200 new beds included during the period from 2016 to 2018 after the opening of eight new medical clinics. 

Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital will assume a job too in extending the wellbeing administrations and facilitating the heap on different emergency clinics, especially Hamad, the priest stated, including the medical clinic is currently working at 30% of its potential. 

HE the pastor focused on that the private segment likewise assumed a noteworthy job in fortifying the wellbeing framework in Qatar. There are plans to build the quantity of beds in the private segment by 25%, while there is additionally an arrangement to occupy dental administrations for inhabitants who as of now hold medical coverage to the private division to decrease the weight on open dental facilities. 


On the pervasiveness of malignancy in Qatar, the pastor said the commonness rates are in the ordinary range. She said it takes just 48 hours to allude those associated with having malignant growth and it takes not exactly seven days to start treatment once the illness is affirmed. 

Associate Minister of Health Affairs at the Ministry of Public Health, Dr Saleh Ali al-Marri, said the medicinal services framework in Qatar has seen gigantic advancement and improvement over the previous decades in light of the developing populace in the nation. 

Discussing the development of wellbeing offices, Dr Saleh al-Marri said the all out number of emergency clinic beds right now is 2,121. The staff quality developed by 11% for specialists and 12% for nursing staff. 

In the essential social insurance division, during the period 2016-18, nine focuses were opened, just as two male wellbeing focuses kept running by the Qatar Red Crescent. 

During a similar period, three new emergency clinics and four analytic and treatment focuses were opened in the private area. 

He likewise looked into future tasks that incorporate wellbeing offices under development in 2019 and 2020, for example, a help community for specific consideration, for example, care for the older, long haul care and home-care administrations, Hamad General Hospital and crisis, The Al Maha Children's Unit, The Simulation Center, Ras Laffan Hospital, Mesaieed Hospital just as 7 essential social insurance focuses under development, just as various other arranged emergency clinics and wellbeing offices. 

Dr al-Marri talked about various difficulties and open doors for development in the regions of concentrated crisis use, taking note of that 55% of crisis division cases are non-dire. Because of that, the Public Ministry of Health has propelled a wellbeing administrations manual for advise people in general on the most proficient method to improve the medicinal services framework and to pick the administrations that best suit their needs. 

With respect to arrangements, there will be an improved technique to book arrangements, consistent upgrade of limit, move of patients to particular administrations of the Primary Health Care Co-task, enhancement of essential consideration, home consideration and versatile wellbeing administrations. 

He likewise clarified that the social insurance framework in Qatar beats numerous universal principles in the field of value care, including the crisis territory. With respect to disease control, the level of instances of methicillin-safe brilliant streptococcus aureus was 0.2% for each 10,000, well underneath 0.6 in the United States and 5.5 in Switzerland.