New Class Graduates the Msheireb Museums Friends Programme

  • 12 months   ago
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Msheireb Museums, the four heritage houses and the cultural destination in Msheireb Downtown Doha, celebrated the graduation of a new class of the Msheireb Museums Friends Programme in a graduation ceremony that took place at Bin Jelmood House.

Teachers, leaders, and students, from a wide range of educational organisations and youth associations, were enrolled for one week in a training programme that familiarises them with the contents on display across the four heritage houses to become ambassadors and partners in preserving Qatar’s cultural and intellectual heritage.

Graduates are considered capable of conducting tours on behalf of the museums team to their organisations, friends, and family. Abdulla AlNaama, Public Programs Manager at Msheireb Museums, said: “The programme takes participants down two routes; theoretical and practical. The theoretical ensures they grasp the information conveyed by the four houses, while the practical trains them on conducting actual tours across the galleries. Eventually, everyone undertakes an assessment to measure their progress.”

Ahmed Al Harami from Qatar Youth Hostel and one of the graduates, said: “I am so happy to be part of MM Friends programme. This week was an amazing opportunity to know more about Qatar’s History generally, and that of Msheireb specifically. I am inspired to share my knowledge with my friends, family and colleagues, and I look forward to fulfilling my role as an ambassador for Msheireb Museums.”

Khadija Abdul Latibu, a School Teacher and another participant in the program, said: “I would like to thank Msheireb Museums for such an exciting program that introduced us to Qatar’s culture from various perspectives. I do believe the training I received here will help me in conveying such dense historical context to my students.”

Msheireb Museums is consistently transforming their practices and offerings to remain closer to the community. As a social history museum, the mission of the four houses goes beyond putting history on display to using it to encourage societal development, establish dialogue between cultures, build bridges, and define a sustainable future for Qatar.