Mystery fish photo goes VIRAL on social media in Qatar

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Mystery fish photo goes VIRAL on social media in Qatar
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A Twitter post about a fish has turned into a web sensation among web based life clients in Qatar. 

A national posted an image of a fish he had gotten while on an angling trip inquiring as to whether anybody knows the name of the equivalent. 

Mubarak receptacle Zayed Al-Shahwani, legitimate counsel and a privileged individual from the Mental Health Friends Association "Weyak", distributed the image on Twitter of a gleaming silver fish with the subtitle: "We angled this one in Qatar, who knows its name?" 

The picture turned into a web sensation right away and was overflowed with in excess of 400 remarks attempting to distinguish the name of the elusive one. There was a whirlwind of names relying upon the geographic area of the general population who were remarking. 

A few people, similar to a client from Oman, were discovering humor in this fishy circumstance. 

"In Oman, we call it 'Khayat' and we suggest it with the Omani Kabsa," Suleiman said with a chuckle, including, "offer it to me to cook until the point that you discover the name." 

"The names fluctuate from nation to nation and from town to town, every one of the names you referenced are valid: 'Salah', 'Khayat' or 'Khyat'," Abdulla al Shehhi tweeted. 

According to individuals remarking on the post, there are many names for this fish and everything relies upon where you are found. 

Hasan al-Khulaifi included his tweet that "its name in Qatar is 'Talaha'." 


As per Wikipedia the fish is known as the Indian threadfish (Alectis indica), otherwise called the Indian threadfin, precious stone trevally, reflect angle or plumed trevally, and is a substantial types of waterfront marine fish of the jack family, Carangidae. 

The Indian threadfish is like the other two species in the family Alectis, with a slight concavity in the profile of the head the most clear distinctive component. It is a substantial animal categories, developing to 165 cm and 25 kg in weight. 

There are right now three perceived species in the sort Alectis. They are Alexandria pompano, African pompano and Indian threadfish. 

A few clients were of the feeling that the one in the photograph is African pompano, yet the image had more likenesses with an Indian threadfish and we have chosen to run with except if demonstrated something else. 

What do you think the name of the fish is?