MOTC announces alteration for boat and yacht users

  • 4 days   ago
The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) on Wednesday said that not more than five people are allowed to use their personal boats yachts unless they are able to show the evidence that they have fully received the Covid-19 vaccination
This statement by MOTC comes through a social media post after the cabinet’s decision was made in this matter. 
The statement highlighted that as Qatar complements its decisions and steps in order to make sure that the health and safety of citizens and residents is prioritised and to restrict the further spread of surging Covid-19, the following has been decided:    
The continued suspension of rental services of boats, touristic yachts and leisure boats, except for rental services for family members who stay in the same house
The owners of personal boats and yachts can have only family of the same household who live in the same house on board these personal
boats and yachts or a maximum of five non-family individuals provided the proof that they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. The MoTC also reiterated that the Doha Metro and public transport services’ capacity has been deducted to a maximum of 20% each, as announced by the Cabinet on Wednesday.
The capacity of Metro services has been reduced to a maximum of 20% and these services will be suspended on every weekends i.e., every Friday and Saturday.
The capacity of public transport services has been also been declined to a maximum of 20% and these services will be suspended on some specific lines. 
All public transport services will be suspended every Friday and Saturday.
These measures will be carried out while taking into account the following:
Allowing entry only to those with green status on the Ehteraz application and those who wear medical facemasks only. 
Closing off areas where you can smoke
MOTC also mentioned that eating and drinking inside the stations are prohibted and in the public transit system. These measures can be altered, changed and updated based on the enhancements and the situation on the ground, the MoTC stressed.