More than 600 fined for violating preventive measures

  • 1 month ago

The officials of Ministry of Interior (MoI) have taken steps against those individuals who are not following the mandatory precautionary methods and are seen violating the Covid-19 preventive measures. Over 600 were booked for breaking the rules in the country.

Among the fined, 545 were booked for not using face masks in the public space while 42 were booked for not limiting the number of people allowed in a vehicle, which is precisely four persons including the driver, except for members of the same family.

MoI took decisive actions against 11 for not maintaining the physical distancing. 11 individuals were also fined for not installing the Ehteraz application on their phones. MoI also took action against one person for violating the pledge undertaken for holding a social event. The officials referred them to the Public Prosecution for violations. Till now ministry has referred thousands of people to the Public Prosecution for not using proper face masks.

The Ministry of Interior in a statement said that, "In line with the cabinet decision based on Law No. 17 of 1990 regarding infectious diseases, the competent authorities referred several people to the Prosecution for violating COVID19 preventive and precautionary measures in force."

The statement further added, "The competent authorities call on the public to adhere to the precautionary and preventive decisions in force to protect them and others from the spread of the Coronavirus in society." 

MoI and health officials have been constantly giving warnings to the public to follow precautionary measures like wearing masks, following social distancing, and restricting the number of people in vehicles to combat the coronavirus pandemic from further spread.