MoPH making all possible efforts to protect health workers from Covid-19

  • 1 week ago

The State of Qatar continues its efforts to ensure the safety of its citizens and residents from the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) by taking serious action on precautionary measures accross the country.

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) is making all possible efforts, with other government bodies, to ensure the protection of those working in the front lines to combat the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) from the risks of infection with the virus, said the Dr. Hamad Al Rumaihi Director of the Health Protection and Communicable Diseases Control Department at MoPH.

In remarks to QNA, Dr. Al Rumaihi added that in order to provide the highest occupational safety standards, MOPH has issued guidelines for infection control when dealing with suspected or confirmed cases of the disease. The Ministry is also training workers in various state bodies on the basics and standards for infection control, he added.




According to Dr. Al Rumaihi, the Ministry also provides all the necessary requirements for infection control, including personal protective equipment (PPE), sanitizers, and disinfectants. It also conducts intensive and continuous training on how to don and doff PPE, stressing that all these and other measures are aimed at reducing the risk of disease in frontline workers. MoPH has issued guidelines to deal with cases of infection in the event of their occurrence, including guidelines for assessing the level of exposure and the steps to be followed in the event of exposure to the risk of infection in addition to extensive procedures for the detection of contacts, he explained.

He explained that to protect front-line workers and their families, the risk of infection is assessed, classified and action taken according to this evaluation. These measures may include just a routine examination and continuing work, or it may include isolating and testing the health personnel, and monitoring the symptoms of the disease.

The medical expert also pointed out that during the period of isolation, all support is provided to the isolated health workers until they return to their work.

He further emphasized that health personnel have taken it upon themselves to face this disease on the front lines, therefore, everyone is now required to adhere to the precautionary measures issued by the Ministry of Public Health.

He disclosed that the measures community members stay at their homes and not to leave except for the extreme necessity with commitment to social distancing and the correct use of personal protection, as well as keeping hands clean, pointing that all of this helps medical teams in accomplishing their mission in controlling this pandemic.

Source: Ministry of Public Health