MoPH ammends group eligible for COVID-19 vaccine, announces registration process

  • 3 months   ago

The Ministry of Public Health announces an amendment to the minimum age group eligible for coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinesto 60 years and over.

The Ministry calls on people aged 60 years and over and people with severe chronic diseases to get the vaccination through 27 health centers across the country.

How to register for COVID-19 vaccine in Qatar?
• The MOPH has approved Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use, as safe and effective.
• Qatar plans to provide the Covid-19 vaccine free of charge to all Qatar citizens and residents.
• Certain population groups should receive the vaccine first because they are at higher risk. The three priority population groups are: older people, people with certain chronic conditions and key healthcare workers.
MoPH also invites the public to visit its website to view the list of health centers designated for COVID-19 vaccination, and to fill out the vaccination request form.
The Ministry advised those who are requesting for vaccination to read the following instructions prior to registration:
• This service will enable you to register with the MOPH your interest to take the Covid-19 vaccine, and if you are in one of the first priority groups, enable you to request an appointment to take the vaccine.
• Even if you are not in one of the listed priority groups, your interest to take the vaccine will be recorded and saved by the MOPH, and you will be contacted when you are eligible.
• In order to use this service, you will need to login using your National Authentication System (NAS) TAWTHEEQ username and password
• If you don't have a NAS Account, you can create one on the following link:
• If you forgot your NAS Account credentials, you can reset your password on the following link:
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Source: Ministry of Public Health