MoI Launches 'Scholarship' Service on Metrash2 App

  • 7 days   ago

The Human Resources Department at the Ministry of Interior (MoI) recently organized an introductory meeting, for students sent on scholarship to various universities and colleges inside and outside the country.

During the introductory meeting, “Scholarship Services” was launched on the Metrash2 app. The new service will help scholarship-receiving students complete many of their transactions, obtain all information from the scholarships section guide and to have direct communication with the concerned persons.

The Scholarships Section of the Human Resources Department at MoI staged the introductory meeting for students on scholarships within the scholarship program 2020, in the presence of a number of departments directors, officers and students on scholarships. It was held in the theater hall in the Ministry’s building on Wednesday, October 14, 2020.

The meeting aimed to introduce the students to the procedures related to the scholarship and the regulations governing scholarships for university studies at the expense of the MOI in Qatar and abroad.


Major General Khalifa Nasr Al Nasr said that the aim of the introductory meeting of the MOI’s scholarships to military and civilian universities and academies in Qatar and abroad is to inform them of all procedures related to the conduct of their studies.

Source: Government of Qatar - Hukoomi