MoI launches awareness campaign for camping season 2020-2021

  • 1 month ago
MoI launches awareness campaign
The aim of the ‘Camp Safely’ campaign is to enhance and spread complete awareness of strict security and safety measures laid down to protect lives and property of campers and visitors alike.
The Ministry of Interior (MoI) yesterday, launched an awareness campaign for the camping season 2020-2021, under the slogan ‘Camp Safely’.
Details of the awareness campaign and its objectives for the winter camp were announced by the General Directorate of Traffic, at a well-attended press conference. 
The aim of the campaign, according to the senior MOI official is to enhance and spread a complete awareness of the strict security and safety measures needed to protect lives and property of the campers while simultaneously ensuring an accident-free camping season which generally attracts scores of families annually.
Brigadier Muhammad Abdullah Al Shahwani, Director General of Traffic reiterated that the awareness campaign is totally aimed to enhance safety and security of the campers during camping season in general and at the same time to achieve complete safety for campers and visitors alike. 
The Director General of Traffic emphasized that the department and all participating stakeholders will sincerely intensify their efforts to serve the campers, citizens and visitors, especially in the Sealine area at Mesaieed and all other camping locations such as North, Al Khor, Al Wakra and other beach resorts.
Brigadier Al Shahwani commented that a special committee has been formed to plan, supervise and follow up in-order to ensure a safe camping season for all the parties concerned. Furthermore, he appealed to everyone to strictly follow all the policies and procedures laid down for camping, especially those relating to rules and regulations concerning traffic guidelines.
The Director General of Traffic concluded by praising all the concerned ministries and partners for their continued support and co-operation required to meet the objectives of the ‘Camp Safely’ 2020-2012 campaign.
In his address to the media, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad bin Jassim Al Thani, Head of the Southern Traffic Department, remarked that the special committee had developed an executive plan to deal with traffic accidents and to raise the level of traffic safety measures required in the Sealine area, located in Mesaieed.
Replying to a question was to why so much emphasis was being giving to the Sealine Resort alone, the Lt. Col explained that the particular resort is very popular among the visitors and campers alike. 
Lieutenant Colonel Jassim Al Thani also noted that the traffic department has strategic objectives in place on how effectively to deal with accidents, pointing out that an operational plan has been specially developed to raise the level of traffic safety and awareness in and around the Sealine resort area.
The Lt. Col commented that the committee has already started implementing the plan which includes an intensified patrolling of traffic on the tracks leading to camping points, assigning specific patrols to monitor violations and to track down unregulated practices that may result in traffic offenses.
He further reiterated that plans are afoot also for traffic movements in the Southern region, revealing that fifty percent of the patrols are well-equipped with speed radars.
Lieutenant Colonel Jassim Al Thani emphasized that the Traffic Department will not tolerate any traffic violations and strictly monitor the implementation of all identity requirements practiced, especially by the youth. This implementation will also strictly apply to the issuance of renting out motorcycles to children.
He urged parents to fully adhere to the safety conditions, rules and regulations for renting, especially with regards to choosing an appropriate bike suitable for their children, pointing out that more than 150 vehicles were seized in Sealine area last week alone, for various traffic violations.
Capt. Abdul Wahid Al Enezi of the Traffic Awareness Department informed the press gathering that the administration has prepared a special vehicle dedicated solely to spread traffic awareness and it was fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology. 
Another important aspect of the ‘Camp Safely’ awareness campaign is that messages will be broadcast and leaflets mentioning traffic guidelines, safety rules and regulations for campers will also be distributed among young people.
Addressing the press conference, Ali Darwish, Assistant Executive Director of Ambulance Services at Hamad Medical Corporation, pointed out that although the Sealine area is covered throughout the year by the Ambulance Department, thirteen ambulances are exclusively deputed for Sealine area during the camping season and in addition to that one Air Ambulance is also deputed, especially for weekends only.
The Assistant Executive Director revealed that last year, the Ambulance Service Department had handled 1,225 reports from the Sealine area alone, including 660 sick cases and 565 for accidental injuries.