MOI : Illegal beggars in Qatar during Ramadan will be arrested

  • 1 year ago
MOI : Illegal beggars in Qatar during Ramadan will be arrested

Qatar Tribune detailed that the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has captured various poor people of Asian nationalities from various pieces of the nation and started vital lawful activities against them. 

Commander Hadi Mohammed al Hajri, Head of the Anti-Begging Department, said the CID is assuming an indispensable job in battling the act of asking. 

The Department of Anti-Begging and criminal examination divisions in the different security offices have been completing escalated battles in various regions and spots frequented by bums, particularly business edifices and mosques, to dispose of this issue, he included. 

Hajri said the organization is taking all measures and investigating every possibility to spread mindfulness about asking. 


He said the office, in a joint effort with the Department of Mosques in the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, is asking imams and evangelists to teach natives and occupants to send their gifts to authorize philanthropies. 

He said any individual who asks in the lanes or open places or energizes asking faces detainment for a period not surpassing three months. 

Skipper Engineer Madawi Saeed al Qahtani, colleague chief of the Department of Economic and Electronic Crimes, said poor people have been concocting new strategies for asking through online networking, for example, Facebook and Instagram. He said the homeless people have been sorting out raising money crusades under the affection of structure mosques in poor nations, building medical clinics, schools or treating patients with genuine sicknesses. 

He said poor people show false restorative reports to individuals and exploit their liberality in the Holy Month of Ramadan. 

Qahtani said individuals who do electronic asking are fundamentally from outside the nation and have delegates in Qatar. The CID has captured huge numbers of them and alluded them to the Public Prosecution, he said.