MOEHE announces student enrolment, transfer window in public schools to remain open from tomorrow

  • 5 months   ago

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) recently announced changes to its back-to-school plan for the 2020/21 academic year with a new system that will apply blended learning during the first semester of the next academic year.

MOEHE has now announced that the student enrolments and transfers in public schools for the 2020-21 academic year will reopen on August 23 and go on until October7.


Parents can complete the enrolments and transfers according to the following dates:

* For Qatari siblings, children of Qatari mothers, and children of GCC citizens – 23-24 August.

* For Qatari students, children of Qatari mothers and children of GCC citizens – 25-31 August.* - * * For other nationalities – 1 September to 7 October.

* Parents can complete the enrolment process online via the Public Service Portal. 

For applications to be complete, it is important to attach all the required documents, along with the medical assessment certificates for new students.

In a related context, medical examinations for new students are still underway in a number health centers designated by the Ministry of Public Health. The medical certificates will officially be approved and linked directly to MOEHE's online enrolment system. Accordingly, parents can proceed with the online enrolment once the student is found medically fit.