MME implements GCC regulations on imported farm goods

  • 2 months   ago
From March, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) aims to enforce the GCC Norm Requirements on imported farm commodities across all of the country's ports and entry points.
Whereas maintaining the quality of imported agricultural commodities, the initiative would also help stabilize local market prices to ensure that no losses are incurred by local farmers and agricultural owners, the local Arabic daily Arrayah reported.
The groups involved, including the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), have made an agreement to introduce the proposed step. The MME pointed out that the recent substantial fall in retail prices of vegetables is largely due to the excess supply of vegetables of various types produced locally, in addition to the glut of vegetables imported.
In accordance with local farmers' and agricultural owners' concerns about losses due to the price drops that don't even cover the production costs, Arrayah reported that the MME stated that the volume of local vegetable production peaks during this time of year, especially from January to April, resulting in a significant drop in retail prices. This is compounded by the ample abundance of imported crops.
The MME and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry will conduct extensive combined monitoring campaigns to ensure the consistency of manufactured goods, as well as maintaining designated spaces at different stores to showcase local products and reduce the impact of competition from related imported products. Ultimately, this will serve to stabilise and raise the prices of local agricultural goods.
The MME also accredited the substantial increase in local vegetable production to the substantial help provided to farmers by providing them with all the production needs and related advanced technology, such as the supply of up to 3,400 greenhouses to all enrolled farms across the region.
Since farmers play such an important role in maintaining food security, they will be given further resources. Since 2012, the MME has initiated a number of marketing campaigns, including the yards for selling local agricultural goods, the Qatar farms programme, the luxury commodity programme, and the purchasing of dates from local farms, as well as Mahaseel Food Company, which ensures the cost rates for involved farms in the event of a significant price decline, according to Arrayah.