Ministry Receive More than 570 Complaints Regarding Quarantine

  • 2 weeks   ago
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The Ministry of Interior (MOI) has been flooded with calls from people in Qatar with home quarantine complaints. In a span of 6 days, local officials received 574 total number of calls (from March 20 to 25, 2020).



The governments opens its lines to support the community on home quarantine issues in line with the country's steps to eradicate the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19).

In its statement on Twitter, MoI announced:

Between 20-25 March 2020, we have received more than 570 complaints regarding quarantine. We welcome your queries and comments. 
Your commitment to stay in quarantine means that you fulfill your national and moral obligation towards yourself and others. Your safety is important to us. We are happy to receive your comments and inquiries.
Several residents were already arrested for violating the precautionary measures set by the state in view of the pandemic threat. The latest report refers to 10 arrested people for their failure to comply with home quarantine rules in the country, which they are legally accounted for,
The relevant authorities are encouraging the public to contact the "Quarantine Complaints Hotline: 4457 9999" to address their concerns on the same.