Ministry of Transport and Communications aims to update all 'Hukoomi' services

  • 6 months   ago

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) has announced the plan of the management crisis and the sustainability of works in the State of Qatar supporting the remote work system. This has been made possible with the shared government services, in addition to the preparedness of the necessary infrastructure to cater to individuals and companies with online services .

The Ministry has stated that the plan includes the following:

• updating all services via Qatar Official e-Government Portal "Hukoomi" website

• providing above 1,000 digital services and 40 smart phone applications

• working on preparing the infrastructure for providing online services. 




The shared government services include:

• the government network

• the system of government correspondences

• the Government Data Center (GDC)

• the platform for exchanging government data

• the Government Contact Center (GCC)

• message portal

According to the local authority, the portal has witnessed the re-categorization and rearrangement of content including services, information, news, events and smart phone applications based on the different categories of the audience in the State of Qatar. Hense, this alllows individuals, visitors, government and business sectors to have direct access to information and their services through this new feature applied online.

Source: Government of Qatar