Ministry of Interior urges public to not respond to anonymous messages

  • 5 months   ago
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Ministry of Interior urges public to not respond to anonymous messages

The Economic Crimes Prevention Section at the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Interior has urges public to not respond to anonymous messages that require the user to update personal data or those that contain links, without checking the source of the sender. Ministry called on everyone to avoid sharing personal data and information with unreliable parties. 

Head of the Economic Crimes Prevention Section Lieutenant Colonel Ali Hassan Al Kubaisi said that financial frauds have gone up lately particularly through WhatsApp and SMS messages. Many fall exploited people to these violations as they react to these fraudsters by sending their personal data, including credit card details. 

He included that the electronic fraud reports gotten by the department amid 2018 surpassed 40 percent of the all out reports got. Cyber criminals utilized different techniques for these wrongdoings yet generally by WhatsApp or text messages that contain links.

Colonel Al Kubaisi pointed to the need to be alert to various methods used by the perpetrators of these operations, including simulation of the brand andand sites of reliable establishments,  or change a specific letter from the name of the bank managed by the victim or change the instance of the letter, which requires the need to examine the incoming messages and ensure their authenticity.


He focused on the significance of upgrading wellbeing so as to guarantee the avoidance of these wrongdoings. He included that the financial and electronic wrongdoings aversion area needs to make the general population mindful not to share data by phone, instant messages or email, without ensuring about the character of the guest. 

Colonel Al Kubaisi brought up that larger part of unfortunate casualties have a job in the event of such wrongdoings by sharing their own data to obscure substances, which is later used to pull back assets from financial balances. 

He brought up the significance of taking vital security guidelines to dodge electronic extortion, including not reacting to messages that educate you regarding winning prizes, or SMS requesting individual information, Mastercard numbers or asking for refreshing client name and secret word and other such false techniques.

The Ministry of Interiorurged to maintain the high level of secrecy, victims should communicate directly with the criminal investigation department headquarter at Al Duhail, or via Metrash 2; telephone 2347444; hotline 66815757; and email