Ministry of Interior Launches a New Service for traffic Violations on Metrash2

  • 2 years   ago
Ministry of Interior Launches a New Service for traffic Violations on Metrash2

Two new services for the public have been added to the Metrash2 application. The primary service enables people in general to challenge enlisted criminal traffic violations against them while the second service enables the public to report traffic violations utilizing " communicate with us' alternative of Metrash2. 

The General Directorate of Traffic, spoken to by the Licensing Department, in a joint effort with the General Directorate of Information Systems, divulged the new services today. 

Presently the public can contest a traffic violation through the Metrash2. You can file an issue with the traffic violation recorded in your name inside a period not surpassing fourteen days from the date of enrollment of the violation. 


A wide range of traffic violations, regardless of whether recorded physically, by speed radars or surveillance cameras can be challenged utilizing this service. An infringement can't be challenged if the fine is as of now paid or in the event that it has been challenged as of now once. 

The dissident will get an answer by SMS within a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of enlistment of the objection.  If the infringement is discovered right, the typical procedure will apply. Whenever found mistaken, the infringement will be expelled. 

Utilizing ' communicate us' alternative in Metrash2 application, presently you can report various sorts of traffic violations. A clear image of the infringement with the number plate of the vehicle with indicating area and time is required to report criminal traffic offenses. 

Traffic Violations Section of the Licensing Department at the General Directorate of Traffic will check the data before enlisting an infringement. This service empowers general society to report criminal traffic violations on public streets and different spots.