Ministry issues new employment contract form for domestic helpers

  • 6 months   ago
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Ministry issues new employment contract form for domestic helpers

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA) has made another frame for the employment contract of household aides (domestic helpers) and those in a similar classification, a source told neighborhood Arabic every day Arrayah. 

The new shape will empower the business to fill the fundamental data on the agreement electronically, and all the while send it to the MADLSA Recruitment Department for mark, endorsement and verification by the administration office worried without the prerequisite to make contracts with a work enrollment office. 

The source focused on that the articles of the new contract shape are agreeable with the stipulations of Law No.14 for 2017 in regards to local aides, which was issued to ensure the rights both the businesses and representatives dependent on a work get that predefined the assigned work and the wages or pay rates to be paid by the business. 


The source called attention to the new administration goes for facilitating and speeding up such exchanges, as the new contract would be authoritatively issued by MADLSA in a brief timeframe, and incorporates three affirmed duplicates in both Arabic and English. 

Each gathering to the agreement has the privilege to keep a unique duplicate while the third will be kept by the office worried at MADLSA. The source additionally called attention to that every household partner has the privilege to a business contract, and can present any related dissension at the MADLSA dependent on this agreement. 

The agreement shape incorporates all the key subtleties focusing on the privileges of the two gatherings and the essential obligations and privileges of both, notwithstanding their data and the nature and length of work, other than the assigned pay or wages. The agreement is substantial in the wake of being endorsed and verified by the office worried at the MADLSA.