Ministry confirms 'children also counted as passengers in a vehicle'

  • 1 week ago

To clarify the public concern on the number of passengers allowed in every vehicle as part of Qatar's implementation of coronavirus safety measures, the Ministry of Interior has confirmed that children are counted as passengers inside the vehicle after the cabinet decision to limit the number of people inside one vehicle.

In Qatar TV, Brigadier Abdullah Al Moftah, Director of the Public Relations Department at the Ministry of Interior, confirmed that children are being considered in the head count. All citizens and residents are advised not to have more than two people in every vehicle as per the Cabinet's decision. 




Law No. 17 of 1999 regarding prevention of Infectious diseases will be applied on perpetrators.

The Director further stated "the children are counted among the passengers, and we are counting on the joint responsibility with the members of the community.” 

He added that the children are supposed to leave only for necessity, such as going to the hospital, for example, and the original principle is not to leave during the current and upcoming period.

Source: Ministry of Interior