Ministers, Security Officials Hails Milipol Qatar 2021 -1-

  • 2 months   ago
HE the Minister of Interior of Ukraine Arsen Avakov praised the 13th edition of the International Exhibition for Homeland Security and Civil Defense (Milipol Qatar 2021), noting that this was the second time for him to come to Doha to participate in the Milipol Qatar Exhibition.
He said in a press statement on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the exhibition that It was very important to be present in Milipol Qatar, to communicate with exhibitors, and to discuss with specialists in the security fields. We consider it a very important platform for communication in this field, as well as meeting senior officials from various countries, and agreeing on urgent issues in security and defense.
He added that Ukraine was one of the leading countries in the field of internal security and civil defense, and we have leading companies in data analysis and cybersecurity, and we will discuss how these technologies are brought to Qatar, to benefit from them.
HE the Minister of the Interior of Moldova Pavel Voicu stressed the importance of participating in the Milipol Qatar 2021 exhibition. He visited several pavilions during the exhibition to find out the latest technology in the field of Internal Security and Civil Defense, to obtain the equipment that Moldova needs in the next stage.
He added that the exhibition provides a good opportunity to strengthen bilateral relations with the participating countries. "I sought to exchange experiences with my fellow participating ministers, especially in the field of security and crime-fighting, as these elements are among the most important priorities we have in Moldova to preserve the security of our citizens," he added.
On his side, HE Director of Public Security of Turkey Mehmet Aktash praised the strength of Qatari-Turkish relations and he stressed that that relation between both countries are strong, deep-rooted and goes back decades and is becoming more and more entrenched by the day and is developing in various fields. "We are proud to be at the head of a large security delegation at the Milipol Qatar Exhibition, one of the most important international exhibitions in the field of internal security and civil defense", he added.
"The Millepol Qatar exhibition is being held this year in an exceptional circumstance, but Qatar can, with its potential and capabilities, organize a successful exhibition by all standards, as it is the beginning of hope for a way out of the pandemic and carries great meaning under these circumstances and carries great importance to the region and the world," said the Director of Public Security of Turkey. He also pointed to the participation of several Turkish companies specializing in defense and internal security systems, which reflect the great progress turkey has made in the field of defense and security industry. In this context, they also included Qatari-Turkish cooperation in these areas.
Senior Commissioner, Director of the Department of Government Surveillance and Prevention of the Republic of Bulgaria Alexander Ivanov Gartov expressed his happiness in attending Milipol Qatar 2021 and expressed his thanks and gratitude for the good organization and generous hosting. He stressed that the exhibition offers the possibility of identifying the latest findings of international companies in the fields of internal security and civil defense, especially in the areas of fire protection and public safety.
He said that his country looks forward to participating effectively during the upcoming editions of Milipol Qatar, to strengthen cooperation with Qatar, as well as the exhibition is an opportunity to sign bilateral agreements and exchange experiences and information with police leaders and experts in the fields of internal security and civil defense.
HE Director General of National Security of Tunisia Colonel Zouahier Seddik affirmed that Milipol Qatar is a real platform to display all modern global technologies in the field of security and civil defense, pointing out that the exchange of experiences and various discussions with the participating delegations constitutes an important qualitative addition in the field of security for all participating countries.
He also stressed his country's keenness to take advantage of the security technologies offered by the participating parties, which are at the highest level of modernity and technology, noting at the same time the level of organization and arrangement of the exhibition and the precautionary measures taken by the organizing bodies to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. (QNA)

Source: QNA