Mercury to approach Venus over Qatar sky tomorrow

  • 5 months   ago

The smallest planet "Mercury" will be approaching the brightest planet "Venus" over Qatar sky and sky of Arabic area regions on the evening of tomorrow, Friday, May 22, 2020, where Mercury will be at one-degree northern Venus's center over the western horizon of Qatar sky, Qatar Calendar House (QCH) announced.

Qatar resident and Arabic area resident will a good chance to seeing and observing Mercury very close to Venus in the evening sky over the western horizon with naked eyes or by using astronomical telescopes, but they must be at places without environment and light pollutions, added, they can observe Venus and Mercury together from the sunset time on Qatar sky till time set of Mercury and Venus; where the sunset time on Qatar sky will be at 6:16 Pm, while the time set of Venus will be at 7:44 Pm Doha local time. Astronomer expert at QCH Dr. Beshir Marzouk said. 

This astronomical phenomenon is very important because it's a good chance to seeing and observing Mercury very close to Venus; moreover, it's a guide for amateur astronomers to know the map of the sky during this month and validates the astronomical calculations. 




Dr. Marzouk added, the planet Mercury approached Venus last time on Wednesday, April 17, 2019; where the angular distance between Venus and Mercury was four degrees.

As known, Mercury is the nearest planet of the Sun in our solar system; where the mean distance between Mercury and Sun is 58 Million Km, and it has no Moons, while Venus is the second planet from the Sun; where the mean distance between Venus and Sun is 108 Million Km, and it's sometimes called Earth's "sister planet" because of their similar size, mass, proximity to the Sun, moreover, Venus is the third brightest objects in the sky after Sun and Moon.

Source: Qatar Calendar House