Locations of mobile radars changed, Here are the locations...

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There is one change today in the locations of mobile radars. Instead of Orbital Highway, it is University Street. Keep an eye on your speedometer to avoid fine and also to reach safe.


Here are the locations for the radars today (Thursday, September 13, 2018)

    Air Force Street – 100 km/h

    Dukhan/Shahaniya – 120 km/h

    Shamal Highway – 120 km/h

    Salwa road – 120 km/h

    F Ring Road – 100 km/h

    Al Dafna – 80 km/h

    Al Waab – 80 km/h

    University Street - 80km/h

    Al Refaa - 100km/h

    The Pearl – 80 km/h

Ministry of Interior started with this activity to advance street wellbeing by compelling drivers to submit to as far as possible. These radars will get safety belt infringement, over speeding, overwhelming from the wrong side notwithstanding use of telephone while driving. 

It is smarter to drive inside as far as possible on all streets currently as Traffic Department has propelled another innovative radar which is hidden inside a common vehicle. This auto can get infringement in a hurry too.