Jupiter and Saturn to appear over Qatar sky during August

  • 2 years   ago

Qatar residents and all Arabic countries residents will have a good chance to seeing and observing two planets (Jupiter and Saturn) of our solar system  over sky during night time of August 2019, moreover, Jupiter and Saturn will approaching Moon at different times during August, Qatar Calendar House (QCH) announced.

Astronomer expert at QCH Dr. Beshir Marzouk said, the giant planet "Jupiter" will be at 2.5 degrees southern Moon's center over Qatar and Arabic region sky on Friday, August 9. Moreover, Qatar residents will have a chance to seeing and observing Jupiter and Moon together with naked eyes or astronomical telescopes over Southern horizon on Friday from the Sunset time on Qatar sky at 6:16 Pm Doha local time till the time set of Jupiter and Moon after mid-night of Saturday by 33 minutes Doha local time.



On Monday, August 12, 2019, the planet with beautiful rings "Saturn" will be at nearest point of Moon during August; moreover, Saturn will be at half degree approximately northern Moon's center. Qatar resident will be able to seeing and observing Saturn and Moon together with naked eyes over south east horizon of Qatar sky on Monday from the Sunset time on Qatar sky at 6:14 Pm Doha local time till the time set of Saturn at 2:33 Am of next "Tuesday" Doha local time.


On the other side, there are a rare Astronomical phenomena will be occur during August this year, this phenomena known as "black moon", added this phenomena happen if the new Hijric crescent occur two times during same Georgian month; where the new crescent of Dhul-Hijja 1440 H was born on August 1, 2019, while the new crescent of Al-Muharam 1441 H will be born on August 30, 2019, Dr. Marzouk added.   

These astronomical phenomena are very important because it is guiding for amateur astronomers to know the map of the sky during this month, moreover, validate the astronomical calculations.