Join the Digital Transformation of SMEs Program, meet the right service providers in Qatar

  • 6 months   ago

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) invites you to join its Digital Transformation of SMEs sessions online this June, featuring the latest technology and advancements for digital transformation.

Meet the right service providers in Qatar to accelerate your digital transformation journey. 

MoTC is committed to developing and sustaining Qatar’s ICT sector through different activities.

The mission of the Ministry is to support the development of Qatar’s Knowledge-Based Economy by developing and growing a sustainable and innovative ICT Eco System.

Considering the national importance given to developing the Small and Medium Business Enterprises (SME) of Qatar it is within the mandate of the government to initiate programs that encourage the usage of information technology in small and medium scale enterprises and enhancing awareness of the benefits of using modern technology in the business sector.




The Digital transformation of SMEs Program focuses on three specific areas:

• Web presence

• eCommerce

• Cloud services

The program will help you to connect with the right service providers to begin your Digital Transformation Journey. The program has been designed to support you in being at the cutting edge of ICT development by offering exclusive content and events, and giving you access to preferential costing and offers from approved vendors.

To join and register for next Ministry workshops press here.

Source: Ministry of Transport and Communications