Indian embassy to live stream Mahatma Gandhi story tomorrow

  • 1 month ago

50-minute event will be a live telecast from New Delhi for Qatar audience only on online platforms.

The Indian embassy will live stream tomorrow, Sunday at 9am, an event titled ‘Gandhi Katha’ (Story on Mahatma Gandhi), featuring renowned Gandhian Dr Shobhana Radhakrishna, on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.


The 50-minute event will be live telecast from New Delhi for Qatar audience only on following online platforms:  Facebook: :


In a statement, the embassy said Dr Shobhana Radhakrishna is a globally renowned Gandhian recognised for her invaluable contribution to literature, social service and spreading the vision of Mahatma Gandhi.  

Imbibing Gandhiji’s values as she grew up in his ashram (community living) situated at Sevagram in Wardha, Dr Shobhana’s focal point is the Gandhian way of life and serving humanity.  She has over 39 years of experience in social work in development projects in different parts of India.  

Her background of Gandhian constructive work for the development and welfare of underprivileged communities has led her to dedicate her life to the cause of serving the poor.  She is the advisor for Gandhipedia, a social media platform of Ministry of Culture, Government of India jointly implemented by Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and Gandhinagar, the statement added.

Source: Indian Embassy