Impounded vehicles can be claimed from municipal office

  • 1 year ago
Impounded vehicles can be claimed from municipal office

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment spoken to by the Joint Committee for Impounding Abandoned Vehicles has requested that the drivers visit the civil office to guarantee their seized vehicles during given period. 

A hotline No. 44348832 has been set up to give data about appropriated vehicles during authority time. As indicated by the Ministry, more than one hundred surrendered vehicles were taken Tow Yard of Abandoned Vehicles in Al Mashaf and Al Wakra during a noteworthy crusade which started a week ago from Old Airport. 

To guarantee the vehicles, the Ministry said that according to the methodology the drivers are required to visit to the individual district office, at that point to the Mechanical Equipment Department lastly to the Tow Yard. 

The battle was as of late propelled to authorize the open cleanliness law which stipulates that relinquished vehicles are those left at open spots, roadsides, trails even before houses secured with tidies causing visual contamination or put traffic wellbeing in danger. 


The specialists concerned give three days elegance period to the proprietors of surrendered vehicles in the wake of putting cautioning stickers to evacuate them in an offer to abstain from appropriating. Be that as it may, the law does not give any effortlessness period and the district is approved to evacuate such vehicles right away. 

Addressing The Peninsula, Assistant Director of Mechanical Equipment Department, Marzouq Mubarak Al Mesifari said that relinquished vehicles mutilate the magnificence of the urban communities and upset the cleaning task. He said that drivers left their vehicles at one spot for quite a long time long or about a month. 

"Under the crusade, the civil officials make investigation visit on everyday schedule on streets and local locations the nation over to control on relinquished vehicles," said Al Mesifari. 

He said that regarding 700 appropriated vehicles are being guaranteed each month. "Drivers are given half year elegance period to guarantee their appropriated vehicles in the wake of paying the fine QR1,000 per vehicle according to the arrangement of the open cleanliness law," said Al Mesifari . 

He said that the proprietors of seized vehicles are additionally being charged QR500 as towing expense for light vehicles, QR800 for overwhelming vehicles and QR2,000 for substantial hardware and gear. 

The Joint Committee for Impounding Abandoned Vehicles was reconstituted by a choice by the Minister of Municipality and Environment dated February 17, 2019. The Committee comprises of six individuals. 

Brigadier Ali Salman Al Hassan Al Mohannadi - Internal Security Force (Lakhwiya) Saleh Hasan Saleh Al Kuwari, Director of the Department of Natural Reserves at the Ministry of Municipalities and Environment are named as head and appointee leader of the board of trustees individually.