IDMC launches report in MENA region

  • 4 days   ago
In a virtual event co-organized by Qatar Charity (QC), Qatar Fund for development (QFFD) and the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC), numerous UN representatives and officials attended.
IDMC launched a first report on the scale, drivers, patterns and impacts caused by the internal displacement which goes by the title, “A decade of displacement in the Middle East and North Africa”.
As the event proceeded, there were many discussions regarding the outcome of the launched report and to discover furthermore about the sustainable solutions.
IDMC Director, Alexandra Bilak, shared her insights on the internal displacement in the MENA region and pinpointed its potential impact on the social, economic and political fabric. She brought to attention regarding the censorious circumstances of the internally displacement in the poor middle east regions like Yemen, Syria and Palestine. Bilak also highlighted on the humanitarian responses and the grapples faced by these countries for basic essentialities like food, shelter, health, medicine and education.
The CEO Assistant for International Operations and Programs sector in Qatar Charity, Nawaf Abdulla A H AlHammadi, gave a warm welcome to this report on internal displacement in the MENA region which is seen for a decade. He also mentioned that these reports are very crucial in giving out firm evidences on the scale and the perils of these matters and lays out the foundation for bringing necessary solutions by talking through it. 
Despite the existence of IDP laws and policies on a global level, Al Hammidi stated, we lack them in the places where they are most needed. He mentioned that only some of the countries in the Middle East and Northern African region has access to the internal displacement laws on a national level.
QFFD’s Deputy Director-General for Development Projects, Mr. Misfer Hamad Al-Shahwani, lauded the entire crew for its hard work and persistence in launching the internal displacement report, and the conversation regarding the sustainable solutions for the displaced, as their number has more than tripled since 2011.
He also elucidated on the scale of the current humanitarian tragedy in MENA region, the increasing number of IPDs, and the causes behind the internal displacement, signalling that IDP’s situations has worsened last year since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.