Hygiene Law Awareness Campaign at Dafna Park

  • 6 months   ago

In cooperation with Doha Municipality and the Departments of Public Cleaning and Public Relations and with participation of a number of male and female volunteers, the Ministry of Municipality and Environmental (MME), represented by the Voluntary Action Initiative Support Committee, has conducted a public awareness campaign at Dafna Park (Al Sheraton) to educate people about the Public Hygiene Law.




The campaign aimed to raise awareness among people regarding the importance of maintaining cleanliness of beaches and islands, refraining from wrong and non-civilized practices and behaviors and avoiding unregulated discarding of waste, which is punishable by Public Hygiene Law No. 18 of 2017.

These practices and behaviors cause damage to the environment and people's health and  distort the overall view. The campaign also aimed at educating about the need to maintain aesthetic appearance of facilities and neighborhoods of the State, in addition to cooperation with relevant authorities for the preservation of marine environment, which is an essential natural wealth for the State.

Source: Ministry of Municipality and Environment