Hot weather and strong wind warning in Qatar today

  • 4 months   ago

Department of Meteorology warns of strong wind over most areas daytime inshore, and strong wind with high sea offshore today in Qatar.

The weather official added that the country is experiencing hot weather daytime with slight dust to blowing dust and Northwesterly to Northerly winds fresh or strong in speed at places during daytime, and decreases by night as sea warning still in effect.

According to today's weather report, Qatar is currently observing Northerly  winds fresh to strong in speed exceeding 25 knots at most areas, causing dust to rise and drop in visibility especially on open areas. Everyone is advised to be careful.





Windy conditions locally known "AlBawarih" expected until end of next week

The Northwesterly windy conditions localled "AlBawarih" which is known for increasing wind speed during daytime and decreasing speed at night has been expected for its return from Saturday June 13, 2020 until the end of next week due to the deepening of Indian monsoon low with high-pressure system over northern Arabian Peninsula. It's expected to influence most areas of the country with fresh to strong wind ranging between 15 to 25 KT with gusts exceeding 35 KT at times in some areas causing blowing dust and poor visibility down to 2 KM or less in some areas at times.

In addition, marine warnings of strong wind and high seas will be in effect with wave height ranging between 4 to 8 FT reaching 12 FT in some areas at times.

Maximum temperatures expected to range between 34 to 46 C during daytime and minimums between 25 to 30 C at night across the country with a noticeable drop in relative humidity.

Qatar Meteorology Department urges all to be careful, avoid all marine activities as well as to follow latest updates through its official sociam media accounts.

Source: Qatar Meteorology Department